Path of the Friend

A project of the Boulder Institute for Nature and the Human Spirit

Elizabeth Rabia Roberts and
Elias Amidon are spiritual teachers and citizen-diplomats working for peace in areas of conflict around the world.


The Path of the Friend is a name that describes our wide-ranging work in citizen diplomacy. For the past 25 years this work has been dedicated to environmental education, social justice and peace building in places of conflict around the world.

Today this work is focused primarily in Asia and the Middle East. We are not Muslims, but have a great respect for Islam, and believe it is important to offset the propaganda of the radical jihadist movement and demonstrate friendship and solidarity with the people in these regions.

We journey alone, as a couple, or with small groups, meeting and working with people on a range of citizen diplomacy projects. An on-going part of our work for the past 10 years is raising money and disbursing micro-grants from a special Flow Fund in the places we travel.

Our activities emerge out of our understanding of and respect for cultures and faith traditions in different regions of the world. We are committed to grounding social action in the recognition of the universality of spirit.

An integral part of  this work involves sharing the stories and lessons we encounter through speeches, writings, and our emailed Letters from the Road.

We invite you to join us – whether by listening to the stories we bring home, participating in our programs and journeys, or by helping to support our work.


Pakistan Flood Relief Fund
In 2010 we raised over $42,000 for Pakistan flood relief. Thanks to all of you who donated for your generosity. This fund-raising campaign is now closed, but if you would like to help support continuing flood relief and grassroots development projects, visit



Help fund Afghan Projects
Ongoing, 2010

Join us in supporting grassroots projects and building bridges between the Afghan people and U.S. churches, businesses, and community organizations.

May we have the strength to question our own gods,
and the grace to respect others’;

May we, on a globe that is shrinking and expanding,
honor our differences,
while finding a language in which to speak of them together.

May we recall that the responsibility of the fortunate
is to answer the prayers of others,
and the privilege of the blessed is to make cause for general gratitude.

–  Pico Iyer

from Prayers for a Thousand Years



The Path of the Friend is a project of the Boulder Institute for Nature and the Human Spirit,
a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. 1644 Pearl Street, Boulder, Colorado 80302 USA.