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Writings related to ‘Indigenous’

Indigenous Survival

March 3rd, 2004

MAE LAN KHAM COMMUNITY FOREST, SAMOENG, THAILAND Trying to keep our balance in the back of the pickup truck as it struggles up the rutted dirt road, Father Wichai and I shout our conversation. He points to the yellow flowers on the thick stands of bamboo. “Not a good sign,” he yells. “When the bamboo […]

In the Fourth World

January 6th, 2004

MAE LAN KHAM COMMUNITY FOREST, SAMOENG, THAILAND Pati Daiya, the village headman, held the chicken gently next to the Water Spirit’s bamboo shrine, her wings folded against her body. He prayed, and while he prayed he reached behind his back to the sheath containing his square-ended machete. Without hesitation he thwacked the chicken hard on […]

Journal Reflections

January 23rd, 1998

Journal Reflections from the Thai-Burmese Border By Elias Amidon Early morning light breaks through the leaves of the jungle around me.  I have just finished my prayers, troubled ones, and turn this page to try to make sense of what I am feeling.  The flat fronds of the wild banana trees sway and bow to […]